Data Center Automation with PowerShell

The process of managing and automating the workflow and processes of a data center facility is called Data Center Automation. It helps in automating the data center operations including management, monitoring and maintenance activities.

Essentially, automating the servers, networks and routine processes such as patching, updating and reporting are the data center tasks come under the purview of data center automation. PowerShell is the Microsoft framework used for task automation and configuration management for data centers.

Windows PowerShell

Windows PowerShell consists of a command-line shell and is based on a .NET framework scripting language. Since its release in 2006, PowerShell has seen a wide adoption across the data center automation industry.

Why learn PowerShell for Data Center Automation?
  • • Every industry, including, IT relies heavily on automation.
  • • Data Centers generally deal with bulk data that often need to be managed, monitored and analysed in similar fashion – hence, the pressing need for data center automation.
  • • The quick speed, compatibility with .NET objects and forms, and management of domains are the reasons why PowerShell is a must-learn technology in data automation.
  • • Engineering and MCA Graduates who are working as IT professionals and are looking to expand their skill-set.
  • • Candidates should have minimum 60% marks throughout their academic session (10th/12th/Graduation).

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