• 04Apr,18

    How can we say Python has long way to go?

    Python is here to stay! And we have reasons to state that. Python programming training has seen increasing popularity among the masses and Linux communities are also being used by big players like Google. Python is a comprehensive and major high-level programming language which is mostly associated with Linux domain of users.


    It is an open source language lending support to the main programming codes that are in vogue. The best part is that python programmers can write codes that can be object-orientedfunctional or imperative in design.



    This language was designed with an aim to provide platform independence and code readability in mind. These 2 unique features make this language logical and adaptable as well as easier to understand. The flexibility that Python runs same source code on a wide array of platforms, whichsoever it operates on makes it stand out from the crowd in programming market today, where majorly all other languages fall short. 


    Python has been described as most organized and standardized language by several users. With these remarkable powers and portability across multiple platforms, this language promises a well-built career ahead for all the aspirants.




    1. In a recent survey conducted online by Linux Journal, Python has been voted as one of the most sought-after and favorite programming language beating the likes of C, C++, and JAVA. It is being considered as a prerequisite for Linux jobs as both Linux and Python world is open source and have a great deal of synergy between them.
    1. Python is being used worldwide in a wide range of environment. Be it as a part of skills, for corporate use or educational settings, it is being taught at both entries as well as advanced level. It doesn’t end here; Python is used by Google machine and big projects like Red Hat, Disney etc.
    2. It’s versatile, robust and comprehensive programming language. It is being featured in the top 10 most popular programming languages being used in the industry.
    3. It has true portability features and can be used across a multitude of platforms. This flexibility and extensibility make it loved by programmers

    Understanding of Python indicates an understanding of Linux systems. Both the platforms are bundled together and Python acts as a standard feature for developers and Linux administrators. It is being successfully used in thousands of business applications.

    Being a free and open source, it is being preferred over other alternatives.  Surely, "Python is not going to fade away for now!"

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