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    Big Data World!

    Data has made its entry into every sector and function across the global economy, and, like many other important factors of production such as human capital and hard assets, much of modern economic activity just couldn’t work without them.

    The implementation of big data, large pools of data that can be put together and analysed to distinguished patterns and make better decisions, will turn out to be the foundation of competition and growth for particular organizations, boosting productivity and creating considerable value for the global economy by cutting of wastes and increasing the quality of products as well as services.

    Until now, the flood of data gushing through the world has been a phenomenon that possibly only excited a few data specialists. But now we are at a nuanced point.

    The history of earlier trends in Information Technology investment and innovation and its effect on competitiveness as well as productivity powerfully suggest that big data can have same power namely the prowess to change our lives. The same requirements that facilitated earlier waves of IT-enabled innovation to empower productivity, for instance, technology innovations followed by the acceptance of complementary management innovations, are in line for big data, and we anticipate suppliers of big data solution and advanced analytics abilities to have at least as much constant impact on productivity as suppliers of other types of technology.

    All businesses have to embrace big data and its potential to bring out value seriously if they desire to compete. For instance, some retailers adapting to big data see the prowess to boost their operating margin by 60%.


                            Big Data: An innovative competitive advantage


    The use of big data solution is turning out to be a critical way for top businesses to outperform their competitors. In most sectors, well-established competitors and newbies alike will take advantage of data-driven strategies to compete, innovate and seize value. Indeed, we came across early examples of such use of data in every industry we went through.

    In the healthcare sector, data pioneers are analyzing the health results of pharmaceutical when they were prescribed widely and exploring benefits as well as risks that were not obvious during essentially more restricted clinical trials. 

    Other early adopters of big data are implementing data from sensors embedded in products from children’s toys to industrial goods to decide how these products are in reality used in the real world. Such knowledge then changes the creation of new service offerings and the design of future products.

    Big data will help to build new growth opportunities and completely new categories of businesses such as those that collect and analyze industrial data. Many of these will be businesses the sit of large data mines where data about products & services, consumer preferences, buyers and suppliers and intent can be seized and evaluated. Futuristic bent of mind leaders across sectors should start aggressively to develop their company’s big data prowess.


    In addition to the large amounts of data, the real-time and high-frequency behavior of the data are also significant. For instance, now casting- the ability to guess metrics, for example, consumer confidence, instantly, something that previously could just be done with hindsight, is becoming more widely used, adding substantial power to prediction. Likewise, the high frequency of data lets users test theories in close real-time and to a level that was impossible.

    Hence leveraging large amounts of data with the innovation of big data is what proved to be the driving force behind most businesses’ success these days.

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