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    Amazing facts about computer

    Being a computer programmer is challenging and fun at the same time, and before you know it, you will be reaping its rewards when you indulge in it. For those who might find computer programming extremely boring, here are some truly amazing facts that you did not know about this particular field.

    1. The very first computer programmer was a female

    During 1843, a British mathematician by the name of Ada Lovelace had published an English translation of an Analytical Engine article written by Luigi Menabrea, who was an Italian engineer. In her notes, she states an algorithm for the Analytical Engine to compute Bernoulli numbers. The algorithm is considered to be the first specifically written code on a computer, thus making her the very first computer programmer that came into being.

    2. The first computer bug originated thanks to an actual bug

    We continuously hear about the terms ‘debugging’ or ‘debug’ but do we know how these terms came into existence? Well, 1947 was the year when Grace Hopper, an admiral in the US Navy, was possibly the first to popularize the term. The first computer bug was present in her log book as she was working on a Mark II computer. The bug was none other than a moth that was discovered stuck in a relay and was hindering the operation of the system. The moth later debugged, thus resulting in the optimum function of the machine.

    3. Computer viruses are harmful, but the very first one was created without having any malicious intentions behind it

    During 1983, Fred Cohen, who is best regarded as the inventor of computer virus defense techniques, had designed a parasitic app that could infect computers. He called it a computer virus and the main function of the virus was to seize a computer, and make copies of itself and spread from one machine to another through a storage medium that was common at the time, a floppy disk. Cohen only created the virus to show to the world that it was possible in doing so and that no computer could ever be regarded as a perfect machine. Who knew that later on, there were several hundred variants of viruses that could affect thousands of computers worldwide?

    4. The first computers were powered by steam

    No, not the platform Steam, but actual steam, stuff that made it possible for vehicles and trains to become locomotive. In 1801, a French weaver and merchant, Joseph Marie Jacquard had invented a power loom that could base the design of a fabric upon punched wooden cards. Later on, during the 1830s, the very first computing devices was as large as a house and was powered by six steam engines and guess who created it? Charles Babbage, who is regarded as the father of computing, and he called his invention as the Analytic Engine

    5. The very first computer game did not make any money!

    Looking at the large cluster of incomplete gaming titles we have that can only complete your entire experience should you choose to purchase DLC and other content, it is quite astonishing to hear that the very first computer game that came into existence did not make any money. Spacewar, which took a total of 200 hours to be completed thanks to Steve Russell and his game development team, the game involved two players to take control of two tiny spaceships. 

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