• 26Apr,18

    5 Free LinkedIn Apps You Need To Know

    LinkedIn is an incredible tool that becomes even more effective when you use it with LinkedIn Apps. It is the best way to grow a professional network, and create a digital footprint of your work-related achievements.

    For you to get the most from your LinkedIn profile, you may want to consider utilizing some of the job search apps created by LinkedIn and other Third Parties.  The following are some great apps that work with LinkedIn to help you with your professional growth.

    1. LinkedIn Connected

    The simplest & one of the most important app. ‘LinkedIn connected’ keeps you up to date on key news relating to your connections, sending you information on birthdays, life events, and more. This allows you to send them a message and show you still value them.

    2. LinkedIn Job Search

    The more convenient app for searching jobs. The LinkedIn job search app is completely free, and allows you to quickly look for notable jobs in your area that are worth applying to.

    3. LinkedIn Resume Builder

    The Resume Builder is a great app. You spend so much time tweaking and updating your LinkedIn profile, that it helps to be able to create a great resume quickly and easily using the same information that you have already entered.

    4. LinkedIn Groups

    The Groups section of LinkedIn can be difficult to navigate from the desktop version yet it is a great way to connect with recruiters and get your name out there as an industry expert. The LinkedIn Groups free app makes it much easier to interact with groups on the go.

    5. LinkedIn Students

    A new, free app designed specifically for students, the LinkedIn students app allows you to learn more about potential career paths, see how others embarked on their careers, see companies that like to hire young students, and more

    6. Bonus App: HootSuite

    Easily set up and manage posts to your LinkedIn account so that you don’t have to remember to log in every day to post to your LinkedIn profile.

    7. Try Each App For Yourself

    No matter where you are in your professional career, each app has its own benefits that you should play around with yourself to see what interests you most. LinkedIn and third parties also create new apps every day. You never know which one is going to be the perfect app for helping you with your career.

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