• 04Jun,18

    Today's Scenario Of Skills And Jobs

    We have at least one person, who is either jobless (despite trying) or not performing well at work or frequently changing his job. This blog is especially for them.

    Let’s understand Today's Scenario of Skills and Jobs 

    (With the Help of the Story)

    There were 3 friends a lion, a rabbit and a bear in a dense forest. They needed to struggle in their own way to feed themselves. Rabbit’s process to get food was easy, just look out for carrots, pull them out of the ground and eat it. Lion’s process was a bit hard. He needed to search for animals (not that rabbit, he’s a friend) follow them up and hunt them down. Then he can eat them. Bear’s process to get food was very hard. He needed search for bee hives, then climb a tree with his huge weight and with all those bee stung, taking out honey and then finally eating it.

    One day, bear and lion thought of going with a rabbit for food (opting easiest mode). All 3 friends were eating carrots now

    After few days, the lion was irritated by not getting the food he likes, same with the bear, he was in same frustration. So, they went back to their own places they belong, did what gives them the food they like (even though it is hard to do) to get the true satisfaction.

    The youth of today, striving hard to get placed in MNC without knowing what the job is. Not knowing what they like, not even understanding the fact that not everyone was born to work in same way. Different kinds of people get satisfaction from a different kind of work they do. Now imagine yourself as bear and your friend as a rabbit. Hearing about his nature of the job (which was easy) you opted for it but due to lack of job satisfaction, you got frustrated, stressed and finally, you quit. Then you began to think I am not worthy of the job. No, the job was not appropriate for you, moreover, you were not skilled for that.

    This is what’s happening in today’s time.

    1. People are not satisfied with the job

    2. Today’s youth think that working in Mnc’s is great (actually yes if you like it)

    3. Scared to explore different careers

    4. Failing to acquire right skills.

    The process should be

    4. Acquire right skills

    3. Explore new careers

    2. Get a job (in MNC or any company)

    1. Achieve job satisfaction (or move on if you didn’t find)

    We at Venolearn strive hard to enhance the skills of the talented youth with various professional courses based on their interest.

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