• 05Jul,18

    The Art Of Working In A Team

    Working in a team takes an extraordinary skill of its own. Whether it be being mindful of your co-workers and seamlessly working in correlation with your team or trying in with the team, either way, working in a team is a huge step towards working in a corporate world. So how do you go about making adequate progress in a team environment? Here are ways you can effortlessly make your presence felt in the team.

    A. Communicate

    Communication is an essential key in every environment, more so when you are working in a team in a workplace setting. Maybe you are having a casual chat with a fellow team member or possibly having an impromptu meeting with all your teammates; either way, make sure your voice is heard. Speak up if you have doubt or a suggestion to give, or simply agree with a member’s opinion if you feel it is right. Speaking up will help you ease in with the group you are in and will also contribute to getting the message across, which could assist in avoiding some major pitfalls or errors in the project.

    B. Be A Consistent Performer

    Showing up on time to a meeting is good, but that alone will not help in getting the job done, you will need to show an equal amount of consistent performance on your task. Meet your due date on time and work consistently every day and make sure you make a good amount of progress in the project on a frequent basis. By working towards your assigned goal in a consistent fashion, you make it easier for your teammates to progress on as well.

    C. Think On Your Feet

    Quick and precise are the real kings of the corporate realm when it comes to delivering a product or service. When working on a project, you are bound to come across some hiccup or mishap along the way. Instead of playing the blame game, be quick and think of a solution to the issue and work towards fixing the errors and progressing ahead. Be a problem solver, not a problem dweller.

    D. Show Respect

    Your teammates are people too! Underneath the “co-worker” “office colleague” and “teammate” tag, they are ordinary citizens as well. Irrespective, it is a courtesy to treat your fellow members in a respectable manner. The office scenario is all about people skills and working under pressure. Treating them in an honest fashion makes it easier for you to work with and also creates a healthy work environment.

    Working in a team is easier sometimes as you have other fellow workers with whom you share the workload with and it also makes for some good memory, so enjoy your time in the team but make sure you give it your best!

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