• 02Apr,18

    5 Reasons Why JAVA Still Rules

    The world of coding is filled with a variety of options that can be talked about but whenever this topic is raised it’s the word ‘JAVA’ that everyone enchants. We all will straight away agree that ‘Yes, Java is the best’.

                                                      Is Java still popular? Should we really learn JAVA?

    In this blog, we will share few solid points that declare why JAVA still rules the world of computer languages and why the JAVA course deserves your time and money.

    1. Simplest yet most effective

    JAVA is probably the only computer language with English-like syntax with minimum special characters. This is why it very easy to remember and also to execute. The output of JAVA is a combination of 2 other languages (C and C++) and hence regarded as most effective in nature.

    2. Walks with the technology

    The new technologies always demand something new and JAVA with each new version comes up with the uniqueness that is a peer demand in the market. 

    3. Compatible with new versions

    The code is written can be easily executed with the newer versions without changing the Core source code. This helps the user to take up new versions easily and that does not even affect the burden of work.

    4. Most reliable language

    As the saying goes, ‘Old is Gold’, the reliability factor with the oldest language is way too high when compared to others. As mentioned in the 1st point, JAVA is very easy to write and run. This is the foundational strength that keeps it in high demand also the programs that are built on JAVA mostly prefers to stay without changing. 

    5. There’s no replacement for JAVA

    The owners of JAVA and Oracle together brings the most ‘developer-friendly’ options with each new update in JAVA. Eclipse uses JAVA for Code setup while making Android Apps, Spring Framework that is drawing everyone attention. There are alternatives to fill the gap of JAVA but there’s no replacement found yet.

    These were the reasons why JAVA still rules and continue to stay the most popular computer language.

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