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Data Analytics with SAS

Price : ₹ 22000 ₹ 18000

Duration : 30

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Data Analytics with SAS

  • Big Data Analytics is the process of examining and monitoring large chunks of data to look for patterns, trends, correlations and obtain other useful insights. Whether it is Healthcare, Social Media, Government organizations, Power and Transport industries, all need big data to function and perform their day-to-day operations.
  • SAS is one of the most commonly used Data Analytics tools. It is the undisputed leader in the Data industry and will remain so for a long time, thanks to its impressive features!

Why SAS?

  • Data integration with SAS reduces development time.
  • SAS offers a wide collection of statistical arrays.
  • A good GUI offers easy learnability.

Why should you learn SAS?

  • SAS holds the biggest market share with respect to jobs.
  • The tool is extremely easy to learn.
  • Innumerable job listings at any given time for SAS professionals with excellent starting packages.


Recent Placements

Placement patners

  • * Capgemini

  • * IBM

  • * Maxima IT

  • * Thirdware Technologies

  • * Barclays

  • And More ...

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