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Big Data Analytics with Spark and Scala

Price : ₹ 30000 ₹ 25000

Duration : 45

Course Details:

  Big Data Analytics with Spark and Scala

  • Managing and processing big data is now a core task for a lot of companies, not restricted to the IT sector alone. With popular tools and technology such as MapReduce and Hadoop, analyzing and working with big data has never been easier.
  • Recently, Apache Spark has been added to this list and is soon becoming quite popular among the Data Scientists.
  • Apache Spark is an in-memory distributed framework written in the Scala programming language.
  • The course will cover Spark’s programming model complete with practical examples in Spark and Scala.

Why must you learn Spark and Scala?

  • Spark can be used with Java, Python, and Scala, which makes it a highly versatile and compatible tool.
  • Spark and Scala programming are among the top 10 IT skills that are in demand.
  • Apache Spark, when used with Scala, results in non-complex programs making it a beginner-friendly tool.
  • Learning Apache Spark increases your job prospects considerably.
  • Spark Developers take home salaries that are among the highest in the IT industry.


  • A basic understanding of functional programming and object-oriented programming will help.
  • Knowledge of Java/J2EE will definitely be a plus.


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  • * Capgemini

  • * IBM

  • * Maxima IT

  • * Thirdware Technologies

  • * Barclays

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