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Robotic Process Automation

Price : ₹ 21000 ₹ 18000

Duration : 45

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Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the application of technology (software robot) to interpret existing applications for processing transactions, triggering responses, and interacting with other digital systems.

Why must you learn RPA?

  • The scope for RPA is endless and the future looks bright for this technology.
  • With RPAs soon covering banks and other industries, it could open up lots of lucrative opportunities for IT professionals.
  • Leverages knowledge in dissecting the myths from the facts and realize the true benefits of RPA
  • Drive the strategic and tactical roll out of the RPA solution
  • Managing of RPA solutions to ensure lasting results
  • Advantages such as better management of repeatable tasks, reduced error rates and standardization of workflow make it a good technology choice as companies are increasingly adopting RPA in the near future


  • There are no particular prerequisites like programming knowledge etc to take up this course.
  • The audience who are subject matter expertise will be added an advantage to kick-start career in this field.

Recent Placements

Placement patners

  • * Capgemini

  • * IBM

  • * Maxima IT

  • * Thirdware Technologies

  • * Barclays

  • And More ...

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