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Data Center Automation (Unix) Shell Scripting

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What is Unix Shell Scripting?

A computer program or a script written for the Unix shell, which is a command-line interpreter, is called Shell Scripting. The shell script can perform different operations including file manipulation, program execution, printing text, etc. Shell scripting allows you to use programming functions such as if/then/else statements, for loops, etc. directly with the operating system.

What are the uses of Shell Scripting?

  • It enables you to automate the tasks that are required to be performed frequently.
  • Shell Scripting is easy to use and portable, that is, not just for Unix, it could be used with any UNIX-type operating system.
  • A sequence of commands could be run as a single command.

Why should you learn Unix Shell Scripting?

  • The robustness and time-effectiveness of shell scripting helps considerably to speed up file management and other repetitive tasks
  • There are not enough experienced professionals who are adept with shell scripting, which means less competition for you
  • You can bag jobs such as Software Engineer – Unix/Linux, System Administrator, and other related jobs with top companies including IBM, Cisco, Intel, Salesforce and more!
  • Consistent growth in salary packages for professionals in shell scripting.


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