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Oracle SQL and PL/SQL

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Oracle SQL and PL/SQL

Structured Query Language (SQL) and PL/SQL (procedural language/Structured Query Language) are used in Oracle Database Management. While SQL is the language used to communicate with a database, PL/SQL is used to combine database and procedural programming language.At run-time,  both the languages run within the same server process ensuring optimum efficiency.

What are the benefits of SQL and PL/SQL?

  • SQL makes the complex jobs of modifying tables and index structures, adding or deleting rows of data, etc. a lot easier.
  • PL/SQL can be compiled once and stored in executable form, this speeds up the response time of the system.
  • The Block Structure, Improved Performance, and Error Handling – are the reasons why PL/SQL is heavily relied upon in the IT world.

Why to learn SQL & PL/SQL?

  • SQL is used extensively by database administrators, developers, and data analysts.
  • SQL and PL/SQL will prepare you to become a programmer by giving you a good solid foundation.
  • PL/SQL could be used with PHP, Java, Python, .NET, Hadoop, Node.js etc., thus, giving you a wide choice of technology to opt for.


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