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What is Dev Ops?

The tools and practices that enable an organization to increase its ability to deliver high-quality applications and services at a good speed is called Dev Ops. It is essentially a merger between the Development and Operations teams, often combined into one team that looks after the entire software development right from ideation through to delivery, and also monitors the performance for any scope of up gradation

What are the benefits of Dev Ops?

Many organizations have adopted the Dev Ops principle and have seen remarkable results. Here are some of its benefits:

  • Continuous and timely software delivery, easy management with less complexity, faster detection and resolution to problems.
  • Excellent team productivity, great scope for professional development as it makes a developer familiar with the different aspects of software development.
  • Stable operating environments for businesses with excellent collaboration and synergy between the teams.

Dev Ops makes software development more efficient leaving companies with more time to innovate as opposed to focusing on problem-solving.

How will learning Dev Ops benefit you?

  • Most software development practices now involve the Dev Ops principles.
  • There’s a great demand for Dev Ops Engineer at present and will continue to remain so in the future.
  • Besides getting a good industry exposure, Dev Ops professionals also enjoy the benefits of good salary packages.


Recent Placements

Placement patners

  • * Capgemini

  • * IBM

  • * Maxima IT

  • * Thirdware Technologies

  • * Barclays

  • And More ...

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