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Mobile Application Development with iOS

Price : ₹ 16500 ₹ 13500

Duration : 30

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Why use iOS for App Development?

  • Apple’s IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for Mac as well as iOS is Xcode. Xcode is essentially a graphical interface used to write apps. That along with the programming languages such as Swift or Objective-C is used when developing apps for iOS.
  • Apple has high standards for their apps, which pushes the programmer to develop excellent quality apps.
  • Sure, the number of downloads of Android apps are higher than the iOS, but the revenue generated by the in-app sales of iOS outscores Android by a large margin.

Why you must learn iOS App Development?

  • If you want to become an iOS app developer or a mobile app developer, in general, learning iOS will be a huge advantage to get you started.
  • Apple apps have a certain set of criteria that need to be fulfilled. Knowing what they are will give you better clarity about developing apps for iOS devices in the future.
  • App development is an excellent skill to have as many businesses are trying to solve the problems of their existing or future customers through apps. And the graph is only going higher.
  • Here’s the big one…Since the launch of App Store in 2008, more than 1,530,000 jobs have been created by the US


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