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Python Development with MongoDB

Price : ₹ 13500 ₹ 9000

Duration : 15

Course Details:

  • MongoDB is one of the new open source databases that focus on the ideas of the NoSQL (Not Only SQL) approach. This database is employed to handle documents in a free schema design that gives to the developer great flexibility to store and use data.
  • The videos in the course covers download, installation, configuration, schema design, an overview of the database structure, CRUD operations, aggregations and map-reduce, indexing, integration of MongoDB with PHP, Perl, Python, Java, Ruby and .NET drivers, replication, and other administrative operations of MongoDB.
  • All the examples and scenarios discussed are presented in real-world situations
  • MongoDB course from CODEC Networks will help you to master one of the most popular NoSQL databases. This course is designed to provide knowledge and skills to become a successful MongoDB expert.
  • The course covers a range of NoSQL and MongoDB topics such as CRUD Operations, Schema Design and Data Modelling, Scalability etc.
  • This comprehensive course covers the basics of MongoDB as well as the more advanced aspects of it
  • This MongoDB Training Course further focuses on MongoDB technology to implement new ways to store and handle data that can be modeled as a document format.


Understanding of any mainstream programming language such as Java, a basic understanding of database concepts, and knowledge of a text editor such as 'VI editor' will be beneficial.

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