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JAVA Framework

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 What is JAVA Framework?

  • A framework is a collection of classes or lines of prewritten code to which you could add your own code to build an application.
  • A nice framework makes your job as a coder quite easy depending on the program you want to develop. Java frameworks such as Spring and Hibernate will be covered in this learning module

Why JAVA Framework?

Here are some of the advantages of using Java Frameworks:

  • Improvement in the code quality as the frameworks are pre-tested classes
  • Reduced effort for the developer
  • Code maintenance effort is considerably reduced
  • Program becomes reusable

Why should you learn Java Framework?

  • Learning powerful and widely used frameworks in Java such as Spring and Hibernate will make you stand apart from the crowd.
  • It is the natural learning stage for a developer once you are familiar with Java.

   "A lot of industry-wide applications use these frameworks"


  • Knowledge is Core Java is mandatory

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