Hire your next star performers at zero cost!

Why spend time training your new hires when you can bring in people who can add value from day one.

Our students are trained and highly skilled On every aspect of job, technical as well as non-technical.

Venolearn takes pride in its students as they are not only skilled individuals, but they also come with a strong sense of industry knowledge and the willingness to get better.. That's also why they became our students! We help companies cut down on their hiring time. No more sifting through the crowd of thousands of technologists to find that perfect talent match. Just let us know your requirements and we'd introduce you to some of the top talents out there.

Why you must hire from Venolearn?

  • * Zero Hiring Cost

  • * Our students are fully adept and ready to take charge from day one

  • * Exposure and hands-on experience with industry-simulated projects

  • * Customized and industry-centric syllabus

  • * Teaching Faculty comprising Experts and Thought Leaders

  • * Dedicated Training Delivery Teams and Customized Delivery Model for all companies

  • * Freshers and professionals that can get started from day one

  • * The best talent in the industry, who, despite being the best, has the drive to learn

  • * Individuals having strong industry knowledge and business sense

  • * Individuals who can lead and take ownership for their work

Our Specialization

  •    IBM Mainframe Training

  •    Software Testing

  •    Java

  •    BigData & Hadoop

  •    JAVA Framework

  •    Block Chain

  •    Data Analytics with R

  •    Data Analytics with SAS

  •    Salesforce Development

  •    Big Data Analytics with Spark and Scala

  •    Robotic Process Automation

  •    Data Center Automation with PowerShell

  •    Data Center Automation (Unix) Shell Scripting

  •    Oracle SQL and PL/SQL

  •    Dev Ops

  •    Mobile Application Development with iOS

  •    Mobile Application Development with Android

  •    Python Development with MongoDB

  •    Python Web Development with Django

  •    SAP - HANA

  •    Python for Data Science

  •    Web Application Development

  •    Digital Marketing

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