What is Python Development?

Python is a programming language that focuses on easy code readability while maintaining a lean code structure. The language allows the programmer to use fewer lines of code to execute the same tasks as compared to Java or C++. Many developers and programmers believe Python is the future…of programming!

Why Python?
  • • Readability, large number of libraries present for the coders to use and an exciting and active community are some of the top things that makes Python one of the best programming languages.
  • • What makes Python so special is that it’s compatible with different programming paradigms or concepts such as object-oriented, imperative, functional, reflective and procedural.
  • • Python interpreters work across different Operating Systems thereby expanding its usability across wide range of applications.
Why should you learn Python?
  • • It is one of the best programming languages to learn, for freshers.
  • • Python and its frameworks such as Django are used in web development.
  • • The salary packages offered to Python programmers are quite competitive.
  • • Python is replacing most programming languages out there even in fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning etc.
  • • Engineering and MCA Graduates (Graduated in 2016/17) as well as working professionals looking to expand their skill-set.
  • • Candidates should have minimum 60% marks throughout their academic session (10th/12th/Graduation).

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