What is Python Web Application?

Desktop-based applications are increasingly becoming obsolete as more and more businesses prefer web applications. And why not? It allows the users to access the applications from any device connected to the internet. While there are quite a few languages used for web application development, Python is one of the top choices.

The Python scripts are converted into executable programs using certain programs, which make them compatible to be used with different platforms eliminating the need to use Python to interpret the code.

Why use Python for Web Application?
  • • The speed of development and the concise code structure are two of the major reasons why developers prefer Python over languages such as Java.
  • • Plus, it is easy and less prone to errors.
  • • Python framework Django (also included in the course) is hugely popular, especially in the Fintech industries, that is, the industries that merge money with technology.
Why learn how to use Python for Web Application?
  • • Learning to code with Python opens up a plethora of opportunities for you as all upcoming industries such as IoT, Fintech, Machine Learning, AI etc. use Python.
  • • Most major-league sites and services including YouTube, Dropbox, Instagram, PayPal, Reddit and more, use Python as its core language.
  • • The big names of the IT industry such as Yahoo!, Google, Mozilla and NASA even, rely on Python for most of their programming needs. This means that the demand for Python Web Developers will never go down.
  • • Finally, there’s lots of money!
  • • Engineering and MCA Graduates (Graduated in 2016/17) as well as working professionals looking to expand their skill-set.
  • • Candidates should have minimum 60% marks throughout their academic session (10th/12th/Graduation).

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